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Attention to the motivation of the exhaust valve and valve seat grinding
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Motivation into the exhaust valve and valve seat grinding to note:

1, when the motivation into the exhaust valve in the valve seat is matched to a good mark not interchangeable.

2, before grinding should be in the diesel engine valve stem a diameter less than the stem of the rubber pad diameter should be moderate, the rubber pad is prevented when grinding valve grinding with the stem into the catheter and caused by human to stem and the guide hole of abrasive wear, shorten the service life of the valve stem and catheter.

3, the valve stem on the diesel oil, so that in the grinding valve lubrication to reduce the resistance.

4, automotive engine valve head and valve seat taper sealing surface coated abrasive, the number is appropriate and uniform, more waste, less than a role, such as grinding is too dry to use a small amount of lubricant.

5, the grinding force should not be too large, too fast, when the valve, the valve should have a reciprocating motion and micro rotation movement, or the use of downward pressure on the rotating grinding method.

6, such as seat pits, pit deep but no valve seat grinder, available with the same angle cutter or the machine to replace the old valve, positioner of the initial research.

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