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Common trouble shooting method for automatic exhaust valve
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With the continued decline in temperatures in the north, one after another around the start of heating, various complaints also in succession to step, as in previous years as, automatic exhaust valve leaking caused by home owners flooded the common things, the reason or automatic exhaust valve quality doesn't pass, some domestic cast iron automatic exhaust valve use time long easy rusting failure, in the exhaust, gas gathering system caused by poor circulation, the home heating is not hot, more automatic exhaust valve port sealing not, exhaust and drainage, a lot of people during the day and work at night sent home family now flooded the culprit is the exhaust valve leaking. To this end, specifically asked some HVAC experts, they provide the following comments for your reference:

1 automatic exhaust valve best choose brass material, cast iron, easy to rust, stainless steel prices;

The automatic exhaust valve open the cleaning 2 annual heating end, so as to avoid jamming the exhaust port;

3 automatic exhaust valve with the best use of cut off valve, so that the problem encountered in the exhaust valve is not affected the whole interior of the heating;

4 automatic exhaust valve should be installed vertically at the highest point of the system, while the surrounding space is sufficient to facilitate maintenance and replacement;

5 general user, if you are poor and afraid of trouble, the best direct purchase of quality assurance of Italy OR automatic exhaust valve

The other is the common failure and troubleshooting of heating:

(1) heating is not hot.

Reasons: automatic exhaust valve failure or pipe slope does not form a steam blocking; 2 years without flushing the pipeline leading to the dirty block; third, the multi valve especially user of the valve does not open or due to disrepair cause spool off, plug the pipeline; the unreasonable design of the system and the, if the piping layout is not reasonable, diameter is meticulous, radiator.

Exclusion method: 1. Repair and the replacement of the exhaust valve, adjusting pipe slope, to make the air; (2) flushing pipe, eliminate dirty plugging; (3) repair and open all the valves should be opened; (4) modify pipeline, increase radiators.

(2) leakage of indoor heating facilities.

Reasons: radiator import and export valve leaking at the valve stem; II pipeline or radiator corrosion (especially bathroom heating) caused by the leakage; 3 cleaning do not pay attention to or child mischievous causes the radiator manual run wind valve fault; for the pipeline last stop when put clean water storage causes cold period Donglie.

Rule out method: a small leakage of the valve with a live wrench to tighten the upper part of the clamp nut, serious when the professional repair. Also before and after heating should in the stem at the point a few drops of oil, maintain a; II replaced the corroded part, peacetime should also pay attention to the rust paint; third, pay attention to maintain radiators manually run the wind valve, occurs when the fracture replacement; (4) heating in winter discontinuation should put clean water storage, to Donglie part for replacement.

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