Corporate culture
Corporate culture

Customer first:

Respect for all customers, anytime and anywhere maintenance photolink visual image; smile in the face of complaints, actively to solve customer problems; communicate with customers in the process, even if it is not their responsibility and not to shuffle; standing in the position of customers thinking, on the basis of adhering to the principle, and ultimately achieve the satisfaction of customers and the company.

Honesty and integrity:

Life first, integrity is fundamental; maintain fairness, justice, honesty, honest, and trustworthy; dares to undertake the responsibility, the courage to admit a mistake; objectively reflect the problem, to prepare work, good customer service and maintain the interests of the company as their responsibility; respect yourself, respect others, respect objective laws, respect for the company system to self love.

Identity photolink visual corporate culture, have a strong sense of ownership, love their jobs; love photolink vision, the overall situation, do not care about personal gains and losses; with positive and optimistic attitude in the face of daily work, self-motivated, and strive to improve performance and ability to work; in the face of difficulties and setbacks, don't abandon, don't give up, continue to seek a breakthrough, until success; continually set higher self goal, today's best performance just tomorrow's minimum requirements.

Cooperative engagement:

Outstanding team to the real achievements of personal excellence in work actively cooperate with, check leakage fill a vacancy; active, stresses the overall interests, so as to create the outstanding team performance; looking to the future, open mind, to continuously pursue outstanding cooperation realm; before making a decision to fully express their views, decision resolutely implement; work time only engaged in work related things; not because of the lack of sense of responsibility caused by mistakes; not to today's work till tomorrow, follow the necessary work flow; continuous learning, self perfection, with full responsibility, result oriented, can according to the priorities of the proper arrangement of work, do the right thing.

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